Projects > Bianco Veneziano (2003)

Combining video, sound and carefully selected objects, this piece relocates Venice's urban labyrinth replete with movement, water, footsteps, bells, conversations, and the shadowy play of surfaces - abstracted and humanized by the quiet drama evoked by its ever-present laundry, at times dark, white, wet, disappearing, and nocturnal. The piece consists of three independent and simultaneous parts: 1) images of Venetian laundry projected onto white silk suspended in the stair well; 2) scenes of Venetian street life emanating from an 8 inch video monitor mounted to the stair railing; and 3) the sounds of Venice. Two antique mirrors mounted on the walls reflect both billowing cloth and observer, relating the translated architecture to its new inhabitants. The video was shot on three separate trips to Venice Italy between October 1999 and June 2002.

Video Editing: Mark Wagner
Sound Editing: Lou Mallozzi
Technical Assistance: Pete Wenger
Prop Construction: Joel Klaff