Projects > Botanica (2011)

30 April 2011 - 8 May 2011

Exhibition part of the "Borgo degli Agrumi" Festival in Buggiano Castello, Northern Tuscany, Italy.

Botanica was a body of work conceived as an exhibition that includes watercolor paintings, digital photographs, and video. These various media allowed me to explore particularities of my subjects and variations on my interpretations: the paintings are gestural, spontaneous, careful, and combinatory; the photographs are isolated instants abstracted from the transitory world; and the videos embrace movement itself as a choreography of natural process.

I found images I find during walks through gardens, streets, and fields – actual specimens, photographs, sketches – and brought these back to the studio. Many of these subjects were in transitory states, coming into blossom or withering and spent, elusive watery surfaces, emptied husks. In associative play, I interpreted and recombined these forms, attentive not only to their shapes, colors, and textures, but to the connections they conjured among themselves. The result was a poetic world of cycles and transformations where nature and culture are interwoven.