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Duras Piece
Duras Piece

Performance for reader, sleeper, musician, and projected video.

Duras Piece is an adaptation for stage and video from two related novels by the French novelist Marguerite Duras: The Malady of Death and Black Hair, Blue Eyes. Both novels involve the same characters and include suggestions for adapting them to stage or screen. In Binion's version, text, sound, and image coalesce into a live cinematic space in which performance has multiple manifestations as declamation, dramatization, role-playing, objectification.

“Repressed passion, sultry torment, and the constant rhythm of the sea are the ingredients of this tale.”
- Sandra Binion

Re-enactment with Sandra Binion and Jeb Bishop on trombone. Double bill with Suite for Bass and Ironing Bored Variation.

April 28, 2024 at 5:00pm
Asian Improv Arts Midwest (AIRMW)
4875 N. Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630

Tickets $20 available at the door or through Eventbrite.